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"Sustainability is pursuing a higher operating efficiency, as well as using the opportunities for a better environment and increased welfare of employees and society, in all business decisions. It concerns activities that go a step further than what is required by law; originating from social commitment and a future-oriented vision"

Itec is aware of its responsibilities in the area of ​​environmental protection. We try to deal with this as responsibly as possible in all the decisions we make. In the composition of our product portfolio and conducting our business, much attention is paid to sustainability.

It represents the search for balance between financial results, social interests and the environment. As an organization, it is always beneficial to find an alignment herein. In this time of financial uncertainties, the importance of this is many times greater. After all, a correct course will avoid unnecessarily spending money.
In observance of the definition above, we can establish that the new generations of printing equipment is developed with these targets in mind.

Take our new generation of A-rated MFPs. Smart technology allows for energy savings of up to 50% (compared to other A-brand MFPs) and emission levels well below the legal standard. All our MFPs have green features that help with this. Some examples:

  • Short warm-up time: The MFPs A label require little time to warm up. Saving and sleep modes anyone can set without worry. Waiting times are a thing of the past.

  • Polymer Toner: Our polymer toner not only ensures a finer quality, it also melts at lower temperatures than other toners. This means less power is required for the fixation. The toner production also releases 40% less CO2.

  • Induction fixation technology: The fixation of prints, by using our new induction technology, requires significantly less energy compared to conventional techniques.

  • Duplex printing: Duplex printing is the way to save paper without losing time. Some MFPs are just as fast in duplex as they are in one-sided printing.

Energy Star

The energy consumption of electrical appliances is very significant for the environmental friendliness of it. Almost all of our products meet the Energy Star requirements. In recent years, considerable progress has been made in reducing the energy consumption of printers, fax machines and copiers.

This is thanks in part to the introduction of the Energy Star label, which is related to the energy consumption in idle equipment. For example, machines switch off automatically when they are not used for a while. This saves up to 60% of the electricity cost of the device.

Itec is aware of its responsibilities in the area of ​​environmental protection. We try to take these responsibilities in all facets of our business, which is why we focus on including products that are less harmful to the environment in our assortment. This applies to the equipment, the paper and the toners. All Itec products meet the guidelines set by the European Union in the fields of quality, health, safety and environment with respect to, for example, ozone emission and noise levels (BDA).

For instance, Itec conforms to the CSR principles drawn up by DNV, in short: People, Planet, Profit.

All equipment meets the latest requirements of CSR responsible policy. With respect to consumables, such as toners, we even dare to say that we are ahead of the market, thanks to the use of Simitri™ polymerised toner. The Itec Simitri HD toner is the newest generation of toner. This toner, with polymerized technology, is used in to further improve the print quality of monochrome and color printers. The production of the Simitri HD toner reduces emissions of C02 by about 40%, while the quality of the printing increases.

Logos milieu

The logos above represent a number of certifications and/or achievements that our equipment or our organization has received:

  1. Performance Ladder DNV

  2. This label is an initiative of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Ministry of Environment. The label was introduced to help consumers and businesses choose energy-efficient appliances. The Energy Star™ label is already used at EU level and in the Netherlands mostly applies to office equipment. Because of the low power consumption of our printers and MFPs, the Itec equipment meets this label's requirements.

  3. The Blaue Engel eco-label is awarded to products and services that meet strict environmental requirements. The requirements are established by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency and the German Ministry for Environment. They concern low energy consumption rates and suitability for recycling.

  4. This prestigious prize is awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Economy to machines and systems that deliver superior performance in saving energy and using natural resources. The prize is designed to encourage the development and widespread use of energy-saving machines and systems, thereby minimizing the emission of CO2 and other gases which are responsible for global warming.

  5. BLI (Buyers Lab Inc.) test and compares equipment from the viewpoint of users. Various Itec models are distinguished with an "Outstanding Achievement Award for Energy Efficiency".


FSC logo groenFSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Promotes responsible forest management; provides certainty about the origin of raw materials.

ecolabelEU Eco Label
Incitement to produce products that are less harmful to the environment; make it greener!

At least 58% recovered paper is used as raw material for production.

NEN2728NEN 2728
Archiveability of 250 years and folding endurance of 50.