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Itec delivers only brand-independent tailored work. In order to offer an appropriate and complete proposal, we work as follows:

Step 1: Assessment of current situation

You will receive a clear report of your current situation, with all associated volumes and costs. Attention is paid to your existing contract, including any bottlenecks. Next, we indicate where cost reductions are possible and in which way your document flow can be improved.

Step 2: Needs and requirements

Perhaps you need heavier equipment in certain departments if you want to reduce print volumes. Or maybe an investment in digital archiving software can be useful. We will analyze which improvements in your current document management are possible within your network. The choice of a centralization or even a decentralization of print volumes is also important for our proposal. This means we may recommend to keep the current printers at some workplaces and to replace a number of printers with multifunctionals in order to maintain a degree of decentralization. The printers that remain can be included in the DOCUFlow® agreement.

Step 3: Solution

Our guiding principle is: "Capacity at the place where it is needed, and savings where possible." On that basis, we recommend equipment optimal for your specific situation, and look for improvements in functionality and usability, as well as savings on both direct and indirect costs. You will receive a concrete proposal with an open calculation so that you have a clear overview of the costs. In accordance with you, we will establish a standard volume and an agreed total price per print.

Want to know more? Our account managers will gladly advise you on the many possibilities..

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