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BLI Award for PaperCut Print Management Solution

BLI2015PickTwice a year, BLI (a leading independent testing lab in the world of digital printing equipment) hands out awards to the hardware and software products that have made the most outstanding performance. A 'BLI Pick' is a highly sought-after recognition, in which buyers and IT managers can blindly trust when making their purchasing decisions. PaperCut MF 15and PaperCut NG 15 have both won a BLI Pick Award Summer 2015 for "Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution".


Understanding the use of printing equipment - and associated costs - is nowadays essential for schools and businesses. PaperCut facilitates quality management of your printing equipment and has convenient, money-saving features such as secure printing, forwarding files to cheaper devices, and the ability to force duplex printing.

BLI evaluates the software solutions on the main features and compares them with leading competitors. The Pick winners rise above the competition in key areas such as cost, features, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support. The software solutions receive an overall rating based on a five-star scale. The Pick-contenders are selected from the ones which have obtained the highest rating.

Download BLI assessment for PaperCut

"One of the biggest advantages of PaperCut is how easy it is to manage for IT staff," sais Jamie Bsales, Senior Editor for BLI Solutions. "The logically arranged menu options and handy Dashboard makes operating a PaperCut system much simpler than the other print management systems BLI has tested, even for those who have never used a print management system. And compared to the competition, PaperCut is priced very attractively. These features make PaperCut particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises, where IT resources and budgets are limited."

PaperCut MF 15 and PaperCut NG 15 have won a BLI Pick Award Summer 2015 based on:

  • Unmatched ease of installation, configuration, implementation, use and management

  • Complete print management feature set including cost management, tracking usage and diagnosing printing volumes

  • Easy to implement printing policy that helps organizations to cut down on unnecessary printing, reduce costs and enhance "green" initiatives

  • Unmatched affordability for a full-featured print management solution

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