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DNV logoItec is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For instance, Itec conforms to the CSR principles drawn up by DNV, in short: People, Planet, Profit. In the composition of our product portfolio and conducting our business, much attention is also paid to sustainability. All Itec products meet the guidelines set by the European Union in the fields of quality, health, safety and environment with respect to, for example, ozone emission and noise levels (BDA). In addition, our printers and multifunctional devices are very efficient in energy use. Read more about this on the Environment page.

In addition to the already socially responsible product range, Itec chooses for recycling. Some examples include:

  • Second Life Hardware: Well functioning MFPs and printers are not destroyed at the end of lease contracts. They are thoroughly checked, cleaned and fitted with new parts, so they are ready for a second Life. It is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to a new machine, but is guaranteed to work just as well. More information about This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Virgin Cartridges: Virgin cartridges are cartridges that have been produced by the original manufacturer of the printer (OEM). After their first use, they are recycled. Parts are cleaned and/or replaced and the toner is refilled. This type of cartridge is extensively tested, so that the cartridges are guaranteed to be at least as good as the original products. View the flyer Virgin Cartridges.

  • Environmentally friendly recycled paper: Our full range of paper has several certifications in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. We also have an assortment Environmentally friendly recycled paper.