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Sole proprietorship, middle small business or multinational corporation; you want to focus on what you're good at. You don't want to worry about your document flows. We take complete care of these problems. Thanks to our brand-independent advice, high quality products, fast delivery from our own stock and strong service delivery, we have a total solution for each organization. Because that's what we are good at.

Itec takes care of the printing problems of, among others, the following organizations:

BovenIJ hospital BovenIJ Ziekenhuis

The BovenIJ hospital is a personal and enterprising hospital that delivers safe and high-quality specialist medical care to the inhabitants of northern part of Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The hospital strives to provide good basic care as well as advanced diagnostics, using modern equipment, for the residents of its service area.

The BovenIJ hospital has been a customer of Itec for a long time. During this period, a true partnership has come about. Itec is responsible for taking care of the maintenance and service of all printing devices in the hospital. Additionally, we have chosen for a SMART Follow-me solution. This way, they have met the NEN 7510 conditions. The protection of information plays an important role for achieving these conditions. A biannual meeting is held to discuss the state of affairs. These meetings are also employed to discuss the latest developments.

GEFCO Benelux Gefco

GEFCO is originally a French company focused on providing global (auto) logistics. They are mainly active in Automotive Logistics, Road Transportation and Overseas Solutions (Seas & Air). The main office is located in Ghislenghien. For more information, take a look at the Website GEFCO Benelux.

GEFCO Benelux chose Itec for the design of the printer fleet at all nine locations (five in Belgium and four in the Netherlands). GEFCO made this choice because the in-house servicing of Itec in the Benelux is done by skilled and trained employees from departments such as Services, Solutions, Software, Logistics and Warehousing. This allows GEFCO one single contact for all nine locations. During the initial assessment, Itec has visited all locations, in order to take into account the needs of all the users. This way, Itec was able to provide a customized solution that was optimized for all offices.

GGZ inGeest GGZ inGeest

GGZ inGeest provides psychiatric care that is tailored to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. The personal attention to the patient always comes first. Thanks to the many locations in the Amsterdam - Haarlem region, there is always help at hand. GGZ inGeest has a partnership with the VU Medical Center. Thus, body and mind can be approached integrally. This partnership improves the quality of patient care and offers a complete range of care.

GGZ inGeest has reaffirmed Itec's confidence with regards to the layout of the multifunctional park and additional software.

Kuwait Petroleum North West Europe (Q8) Q8

Kuwait Petroleum North West Europe (Q8) is one of the largest players for fuel in the Benelux market. Q8 currently has more than 700 gas stations in the Benelux. They have manned stations under the Q8 brand (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and unmanned stations under the brands Q8 Easy (Belgium) and Tango (Netherlands).

Q8 also has approximately 600 International Diesel Services (IDS) stations, focused on the transport sector. In addition to selling fuel, Q8 is also active in the production, marketing and sale of lubricants under the brand Q8Oils. Q8 also supplies fuels to professional end users and resellers. Q8 also produces and sells "special products", including bitumen. Kuwait Petroleum North West Europe is part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest energy conglomerates in the world.

Kuwait Petroleum North West Europe chose Itec for the establishment and maintenance of the printer fleet. For the head offices in Belgium (two locations), the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Itec has delivered all MFPs, together with Papercut print management software.

Media Markt Media Markt

Media Markt is Europe's number one retail chain for consumer electronics. You will find not only the largest range of products under one roof, but also the newest and most innovative products. That the slogan "Hey, I'm not stupid!" also applies to Media Markt itself, is proven by the fact that more and more branch offices are wise enough to choose Paper & Supplies from Itec.

Several Belgian Media Markt stores have used the 'Itec Business Paper' for a long time. After Itec could indicate the enormous price advantage of using Itec, toners based on these early adopters, other stores decided to give it a try. The branche offices were convinced right away!

The number of Media Markt branche offices that are clients at Itec is still growing. Itec is very pleased with this new collaboration.

Rituals Cosmetics Rituals

In 2000 Raymond Cloosterman, Founder of Rituals Cosmetics, began his adventure from a deep-rooted passion: "I wholeheartedly believe that we can use a little special attention to transform our everyday routines into special moments. The belief that, with little effort, you can create some extra happiness, is what I wanted to translate into a luxury Home and Body Cosmetics brand. That conviction begat RITUALS, an extensive and unique collection of luxury products ranging from body and facial care, clothing and scented candles to perfume, makeup and tea."

"The idea is simple. Change your daily routine into special pampering moments with nice luxury products. A rich and fragrant bath, for instance, or an exclusive cup of tea, or something as mundane as doing the dishes. Our detergent is not only effective, it also smells very nice and it looks pretty. That's what we're about; taking a moment to think about the little things in life and enrich them with a touch of luxury. That passion can be found in all our products."

Itec has the same passion for managing document flows. With a range of products and solutions that belong exclusively to the top of the industry, Itec proves that something as mundane as a print can be taken to a higher level. Because Itec manages the entire process, from the supply of office equipment and consumables up to maintenance, we can give their customers the special attention they deserve. That is why Itec is the ideal partner for Rituals Cosmetics.

SPO Venray SPO Venray

The Venray Foundation for Primary Education (SPO Venray) has seventeen primary schools and one special school under her wing. The schools are scattered throughout the surrounding areas, as well as the different districts of the city center of Venray. The foundation provides education for ± 3340 children and employs approximately 330 staff members.

Through a European tender, the Venray Foundation for Primary Education has selected Itec to manage the implementation of repro services for a longer period. With Itec, SPO Venray has found a flexible service provider that can respond to changing needs and circumstances, such as growth and shrinkage of locations, without losing its focus on the manageability and quality of repro services. Itec is responsible for the loaning and maintenance of the multifunctionals, as well as the supply of related products, such as staples and toners.

TweeSteden hospital TweeSteden Ziekenhuis

The TweeSteden hospital is a general, regional teaching hospital. It offers excellent care to patients from far and wide in its three locations in Tilburg, Waalwijk and Oisterwijk. Virtually all treatments and examinations are possible at the TweeSteden hospitals, but within this wide range there are some special focus points. Within these priorities, they try "to do the ordinary extraordinarily well."

The TweeSteden Hospital (TSZ) and the St. Elisabeth Hospital (EZ) have merged administratively. The working name is 'Elisabeth TweeSteden hospital'. The administrative merger of these hospitals provides a positive contribution to health care in the region, both with regards to medical quality and finances. Its starting point is to be "Close by where possible, centralized where necessary." This is in the interest of the patient, because thanks to the merger, the specialist care and the human approach remain guaranteed in the central Brabant region.

The TweeSteden hospital was already a customer of Itec. We are grateful for the reaffirmed faith in Itec that was shown by asking us to supply all printing equipment and other related services.