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The traditional way

The process of collecting and passing on meter readings, ordering toners and transmitting errors on paper, through e-mail, fax or telephone can be very time consuming, labor intensive and prone to error. Employee productivity decreases due to printing equipment that is out of toner, or in need of service or maintenance.

SMART MPS transmits everything automatically

  • Counters and print volumes

SMART MPS ensures that counters and print volumes end up in the Itec Server automatically. The software retrieves data from all machines on the network and then sends the data via a secure Internet connection. The server then provides data and reporting. There are no changes required within your network. SMART MPS software is manufacturer-independent and supports almost all brands.

  • Error Reports

Using SMART MPS, it is possible to detect errors in machines. Remote monitoring of the machines ensures that proactive service can be provided. You do not have to wait for a solution, because it is offered immediately.

  • Cartridge and ink levels

The system allows the remote reading of cartridge and ink levels. This allows us to send you timely new cartridges, so you do not need to manage large stockpiles. If you replace old equipment with new equipment, you will also not have to throw out brand-specific cartridges.

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