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SMART Follow-me

The SMART Follow-me solution does what the name indicates: it will follow you. Your print job can safely be sent at any time, anywhere (on a machine in the network with the SMART Follow-me solution), so you can print at your convenience. This is possible with a personal code or a personal card/key.

Additionally, certain restrictions can be imposed per user (print budgets, color, limitation of using scan/fax/copy module). In today's business, efficiency mainly involves saving time. With the Follow-me solution, we can ensure that managers, IT specialists and users can streamline their work, minimize their efforts and do more in less time.

Besides the tremendous convenience that this brings, it allows you to reduce your printing costs drastically. Many local printers will be obsolete! You can even specify print rules, such as forcing emails to be printed in black and white and in duplex.

Our account managers will gladly advise you on the many possibilities.

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