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SMART Invoice

SMART Invoice is a software solution for automated and accurate recording of invoices in databases, document management systems and external (financial) applications, such as AFAS and Exact. This solution is designed for CFOs and accounting professionals to help them increase the efficiency and productivity of their daily work.

SMART Invoice automatically processes invoices originating from both paper documents and digital files. This allows companies to significantly save on operational costs, ensure compliance and data quality, and increase productivity through faster processing. From the digitization of documents, extraction, verification and validation of important data, to the release and eventual payment of billing information via the accounting department, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other back-end systems and workflows: the time and work required for processing invoices can be significantly reduced, so accounting staff can concentrate on their core business.

The main advantages of SMART Invoice:

  • Replacing manual invoice handling;

  • Easy to integrate into your existing financial environment, ERP system and approval workflow;

  • Processing paper and electronic invoices with a single solution;

  • Approving invoices directly by the accountant;

  • Faster invoice processing cycle thanks to automatic data comparison;

  • Direct automatic processing of accurate invoices;

  • Archiving invoices;

  • Comprehensive and flexible architecture.

Incoming invoices are processed as follows:

Step 1: Import: Digital (e.g. PDF) or paper (e.g. fax or scan)
Step 2: Identification and Validation: Classify documents and extract data
Step 3: Verification:
Data matching and approval
Step 4: Export to target system:
Flat file (e.g. CSV) file structure (e.g. XML), or database (e.g. Microsoft SQL)

SMART Invoice Mobile App
With the SMART Invoice Mobile App, documents can be captured anywhere and be directly integrated into your business processes. With SMART Invoice Mobile App, you can record documents simply by making a picture with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). SMART Invoice Mobile App automatically optimizes the picture and sends it to a server. SMART Invoice extracts the relevant data from the document and makes the data available for immediate use within your organization.

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